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The Beginning – A Call To Participate

by Gail Mooney
January 5 2010

It seems fitting that I should officially “launch” an idea that’s been kicking around in my head for the last couple of months – today on my daughter Erin’s 23rd birthday.  Twenty three years ago today, I became a mother and entered into a wonderful chapter of my life that comes with raising a child. Erin has now started on her own life’s journey and I have entered into another chapter of mine.

A few months back I started thinking about going back to my roots of what motivated me to become a photographer and filmmaker, when I started my own life’s journey some 35 years ago.  I had taken a break from college to backpack around the world – just to see what I could see.  I spent a year doing that, opening my eyes to lands and cultures I never knew existed.  I realized after that journey,  that my life’s path had to include exploring the world and its peoples. So I became a photographer – to visually share with others the world as I saw it.

I’ve spent a career and a lifetime, telling stories with my camera.  It’s what I do and who I am.  I am now coming full circle to my beginnings, and am embarking on another world journey – but this time with my daughter Erin who is bound to discover her own path. We are setting out – around the world – to make a documentary that features people who are truly “making a difference”.  Ordinary people who have followed their dreams, passions and ambitions and are doing extraordinary things.  Our hope is that through our eyes and the film we create, we will open others’ eyes about what they can do to effect a positive change in our world.  Our goal is to show the power of one – the power of the individual.

We are looking for these people – we know there are thousands out there, quietly making a difference every day.  We have set up this website and blog to encourage participation in this project and to help us in finding people who have compelling stories. They can be natives of their own country or expatriates, young or old.  They can be on any continent.  If you know of anyone, please comment here with any info or thouhts. And pass this along to others so the idea can spread virally.

We will keep this blog updated as our project takes form.  Our plan is to depart early Summer 2010.  We are energized and excited and welcome your involvement.

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