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Full Exhaustion

by Gail Mooney
September 23 2012

It’s been a while since I have written – I’ve been going at full mach speed the last couple of weeks.  After not having been to a film festival

Upcoming festivals

since last March, we’ve recently had a rush of acceptances so I’ve been busy preparing for them, and now I’m on the road attending them. I’ve also been traveling and speaking for my trade association, ASMP – first to students at Brooks Institute, my alma mater, and then at DV West in Los Angeles.

Being on the road isn’t easy.  I’ve been gone for two weeks and I miss my husband and my home.  The getting from place to place is what wears me down.  But when I get to do what I came for, and that is to talk to people and more importantly listen to what they have to say, my weariness disappears. I get a lot of energy from the feedback I get about the film, but also from finding out about what others are involved in. I’m finding the niche for this film and in the process I’m starting to connect with kindred spirits.

Making connections, I realize is one of my main objectives. Those connections are starting a small ripple.  Audiences have gotten larger and that means more people are leaving the theaters and thinking about what they can do to make a difference in the lives of others – or even their own.  They tell me the film inspired them.  When they tell me that, I feel good about myself. Not so much because it puffs up my ego (although I’ll admit that also feels good) but because I realize this is what I do to make a difference – create awareness with film.

So, even though I’m totally exhausted from two weeks on the road – it’s an exhaustion that feels good.  I’m doing what I want to be doing – at least for right now.

I’ll be posting the screening dates as I get them from the festivals.  Please check to see if we’ll be in your area and spread the word to your friends.

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