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A Major Milestone

by Gail Mooney
March 11 2011

This past week after many months of long days in the editing room, I shipped 3 hard drives with 5 TERAbytes of footage to the professional editor that I will be collaborating with on this project.  It was a grueling process cutting down 150 hours to 3 hours and it still has to be cut in half , but I got through the hard part and that was defining the story.

The story of course is everything and this is not to say that when I started editing this film, it was the first time that I thought about it.  In actuality I have 11 separate stories, about people on 6 different continents involved in a variety of different causes but all of the subjects have one thing in common – they believe that the impossible is possible.
They don’t just believe that – they make it a reality on a daily basis.

There were some really hard days for me when it seemed like I wasn’t getting anywhere and I questioned the folly of this film.  But little by little I chipped away at it.  Editing is a process and there are no short cuts.  You just need to keep looking and listening to the material until the gems start to stand out.  But getting to that point, especially with so much to look at, was beyond difficult.

So, I delight in the feeling of accomplishment, even though it’s momentary and I will soon tackle other aspects of this project – writing the narrative and finding a musical composer.  And once again I will put this out to all who may be reading for any leads to those who have a gift for musical composition and who would be interested in collaborating with me on this inspiring film.

This continues to be a life changing project for me.  Once again in my life, following that inner voice inside of me has pushed me to where I needed to be.  And in the process, I too have made a difference.  That is the best feeling in the world.

P.S. Check out our new “donor” page.  If we have left anyone off – please let us know – we couldn’t have done it without you.

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