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Going through the checklists

by Gail Mooney
May 13 2010

I’m leaving Chicago a week from tomorrow, and we’re leaving the country a week from Tuesday! Time sure goes by fast, and I’m rapidly realizing just how much left I have to do. Here are just a few things that are on my mind/what I have to do:

  1. Packing up my room/cleaning my apt/preparing for the subletter/signing a lease for next year
  2. Buy some more travel-appropriate clothing (lightweight, quick-drying material)
  3. Come up with questions for the subjects
  4. Get some guide books (gotta figure out how to fill all of our “free time”!)
  5. Get a haircut (long hair is not ideal for long-term travel)
  6. Figure out how I’m going to fit everything in one bag

And there are plenty of other things, like mentally preparing for being away for 3 months. Luckily, Saturday is my last day of work so I have about a week to wrap things up.

An update on clothing and accessories – I’ve got the shoes, as I mentioned before. And my mom just got us both SCOTTEVEST Travel Vests, which are pretty much the coolest articles of clothing ever – they have 22 pockets, and can hold everything from a wallet to an iPad! These will be a great way to carry around lot of camera equipment and personal items and not have them count towards our baggage weight on planes.

Another exciting accessory – we both have Kindles! We realized that we had a dilemma – what do you do when you’ll be traveling for three months with a lot of down time for reading, but no room to pack a stack of heavy books? The Kindle is the perfect solution – not only can we each have up to 1500 books at a time on our devices, but we can download books when we’re abroad. And this will especially be helpful for guide books, as those books can sure be bulky and cumbersome to carry around. So we’re very excited to have these little devices with us.

More updates to come as we are literally counting down the days til our departure!

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