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Departure Day

by Gail Mooney
May 26 2010

The day has finally come – we take off tomorrow. Our first stop is Entebbe, Uganda by way of Johannesburg, South Africa. We leave JFK on Tuesday morning, arrive in Entebbe on Wednesday night and have a meeting with Letha Sandison of Wrap Up Africa on Thursday morning. Nothing like getting right into but many times that’s the best way.

It’s been an incredible 6-7 months since the inception of this journey. I’ve ticketed 28 flights, 3 trains, booked, traded or mooched 99 nights of accommodations, obtained 6 visas (each) and gotten 13 vaccinations between us. I’ve also had to research, purchase and test some new gear because I’ll be shooting this documentary on an HDSLR system. A lot of learning and testing in the way of new equipment but the effort and expense is worth it because of it’s exceptional quality.

Most importantly, we researched dozens of potential subjects of our film, networking with people and friends all over the world. Ultimately, we will be interviewing and filming 10 different people on 5 continents. We will tackle North America upon our return. It was no easy task scheduling and coordinating our subjects’ schedules to mesh with the restrictions and schedules of the airlines because we are traveling on round-the-world award tickets.

Tomorrow we take off from JFK for an adventure unknown. The plans have been made and it feels good to finally do it. We will keep you all posted with words, photos and video along the way. There will be times when we’re off the grid through choice or circumstance, but keep checking in.

Till the next time.

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