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A Birthday Gift

by Gail Mooney
July 21 2010

Today was one of those days that are memorable and just make you feel good to be alive and affirm your life’s convictions.  Even though I “worked” today – on my birthday – I realized once again that my “work” has never really felt like work at all, but rather a gift.

Once again, because I am a storyteller and a visual communicator by profession and have the great fortune to have been able to make a living doing so, I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with a remarkable woman.  Her name is Ronni Kahn, CEO (Chief Energy Officer as she would say) and founder of Oz Harvest, a food rescue program in Sydney, Australia.  What Ronni does is quite simple – yet far reaching.  She has set up an organization that picks up food from events, parties, affairs etc. that would have normally been thrown away, and sends it over to various charities that feed the needy.

But one of the many remarkable things that Ronni has done was to use her connections and passion to change the law so that people and organizations who were willing to give away their perishable and left over food, could do so without fear of being sued or liable in the process of doing a good deed.  Ronni made it happen because she saw the big picture and overcame the obstacles in the way.

We spent the afternoon with Ronni, first touring around the lovely coastal areas of Sydney, then filming her inspirational interview and ended the afternoon at the beach.  One thing stuck with me that Ronni said during the interview.  She told me that many people tell her that they would love to get involved and do something along the lines that she has done but that it just wasn’t the right time in their lives and then proceed to give her a variety of reasons of why they can’t.  And then she said “if you want to do something – you just need to do it”.  You need to stop making excuses and live in the “now”.

As I write this blog entry, her words are kicking around in my head and I realize how grateful I am that I am living in the “now” and doing what I feel I need to do.  And that is the best birthday gift of all – nothing can ever top that.

Thanks Ronni for a wonderful and memorable day.

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